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Why work needs to shape up: Redesigning jobs for better employee wellbeing.

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About six million workers in the UK suffer poor health because of their jobs, from health issues like coronary heart disease and stress to back problems. Current solutions tend to deal with the symptoms rather than the causes. But what if we could change how jobs are designed, so that they reduce ill health and its costs? The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how people work – it could be the catalyst to create better, healthier jobs in the future.

In this online panel discussion Festival sponsor, the not-for-profit research organisation, RAND Europe presents expert views on health and wellbeing at work, the challenges presented by COVID-19 and how we could be exploring ways to create better jobs and a better society as a result.

There was a recorded Q&A opportunity during the event for audience members. The event was filmed on 29 March 2021

RAND Europe is a Cambridge-based research organisation that helps to improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. Find out more about our research at www.randeurope.org.
Redesigning jobs for better employee wellbeing, Why work needs to shape up, Cambridge Festival 2021
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