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10 Back-To-School DIY Projects - Awesome DIY School Supplies

In this video I show 10 easy but gorgeous DIY school supplies – DIY Gold and Glitter scissors and ruler, DIY Pom-pom Pen and Drinking Straws Pen, DIY Pencil case made with clear tape and sprinkles, two DIY notebooks, DIY Pineapple pencil topper, DIY eraser bookmarks and awesome DIY Flower Backpack.
The first DIY is a “hairy” notebook :) All you need is your portrait (or just draw a face) and yarn of any color. I chose pink notebook, pink yarn and my funny selfie. Looks super cute!
The second DIY project is a DIY Backpack. I took the cheapest backpack I've found and some artificial flowers. You can secure flowers with threads, pins or just glue them with a hot glue as I did. Cheap, fast, easy and beautiful!!!
Next – absolutely stunning :) fuzzy pompom ballpoint pen. Again, choose the most common, regular ballpoint pen and take pom-poms (for crafting, diameter 1.2-1.5 cm). Five minutes and you'll get the most amazing pen in the world :) Btw, instead of using a glue gun – you can use super glue.
The fourth DIY project is so easy that even the most lazy person can make it :) I always buy those beautiful colorful erasers, but use just a few of them. So here is my way to use them all LOL Make a colorful and beautiful bookmarks, which are also clips and erasers. They will be really useful if you mark important quotes or something in books, or if you like to draw in a sketchbook. :)
Next two DIYs are made with clear tape and sprinkles (regular edible sprinkles for cupcakes). First one is a pencil case and another one – is a notebook. Just a tip – for the pencil case use ball-shaped sprinkles, or “stars”, or “rounds”... Then the pencil case will be more flexible and sprinkles inside will not crack. But for the notebook – use any shape of sprinkles! :)
The seventh and the eighth DIY projects are amazing gold scissors and a ruler. I show the way how to decorate them with glitter and with a glitter nail polish. Trust me – glitter will not fall off. Just use a plastic ruler, not a wooden one!
Number 9 – Pineapple Pencil Topper. Oh, guys, I looove pencil toppers :) But you already know, right? So this one is fuzzy-cozy-easy and acute one :) Yellow craft pompoms, green yarn and some glue (hot glue or super glue). Very easy and looks fantastic. :)
And the last, tenth DIY – pen decorated with drinking straws! I love how easy it is to make, and how cute it looks. Don't worry, the pen will not dry without a cap. Why? Because it is the 21st century now, and ballpens don't dry LOL The cap just protects your pocket from the ink, not the pen from the air :) So just enjoy and don't worry :)
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