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10 common Business email mistakes even smart people make - Business English lesson

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10 common Business email mistakes even smart people make - Business English lesson

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In this Business English lesson you will learn common mistakes that people make while writing business emails. It is very important to take care of email etiquette while writing business emails. The following are the common mistakes made by most people while writing business emails; please avoid the following:
Forgetting the greeting: The most common mistake is when people forget to write a greeting at the beginning of the business email. It is very important to write the greeting at the beginning otherwise your email can appear very rude and improper. An appropriate greeting such as Dear John / Hello John / Dear Sir / Respected Sir is required and is an absolute must while writing a business email. Going straight to the matter without a greeting is considered inappropriate.

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Forgetting the subject line:
Many people forget to write the subject line of the email while writing an email .This can get very confusing for the reader or the receiver of the email as a blank subject line does not convey the topic or the purpose of the email.

Being too formal:
Sometimes it is quite possible that the greeting or the tone of your email is too formal with respect to the relationship you share with the person that you are writing to. Avoid being too formal as this can make the email sound too stiff or too matter of fact.

Been too informal:
Sometimes it is quite possible that the tone of your email is too informal or too casual. Please avoid this mistake as this can be considered very unprofessional and can lead to problems at your workplace. Avoid over sharing in business emails and avoid using short forms or endearments when referring to your colleagues.

Hitting reply all:
Hitting the reply all button while replying to a business email can be the worst thing to do. By doing this not only are you sabotaging client confidentiality but also disturbing a lot of other people or colleagues who may or may not be involved in that particular communication.

Forgetting to punctuate:
It is very important and imperative that you must punctuate your business emails correctly. It is important to use full stops , semicolons and other punctuation's when required otherwise the entire meaning of the business email can end up changing that could lead to problems.

Including too many personal details:
It's important to keep business emails brief to the point Crisp and shot crisps and short. There is no point in over sharing personal information as this can be considered very unprofessional.

Not correcting typos or errors:
Once you're finished writing your business email it's important to read over the email once again to ensure that any errors or typos that you may have made are corrected .

Repeating questions again and again:
One thing that you must simply avoid is repeating the same question over and over in your email communication. If you do so you may come across as inefficient and confused.

Making use of emoticons or Emojis:
While it's very cute to use emoticons or Emoji in your personal communication or personal chats avoid doing so while writing a business email because it is considered unprofessional to do so.
We hope this business English lesson has helped you to correct the common mistakes made while writing business emails. Subscribe to our lessons and stay tuned for more lessons to improve your English communication skills.
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