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Are you invited to a baby shower? It's definitely on eof the sweetest events possible! If you don't know what to bring as a present and you are afraid of taking some commonplace stuff, you don't have to worry. We prepared a lot of awesome ideas for you. All these DIY crafts can serve as a perfect gift for a baby shower and, in fact, for any other occasion. Enjoy and create!

A couple of soft towels can turn into a sweet lollipop if you wrap them around one another in a shape of a swirl and stick a plastic spoon to the back of the composition. A little bit of sticky tape should help to hold everything together. Another cool idea you'll find int his video is making a sweet little doggie out of a towel. Just add a ribbon as a collar and a tiny pompom as a nose. Wrap your craft into transparent gift wrap so that everyone can see how beautiful your craft is.

A diaper cake is a fantastic classic idea for a baby shower. Make three layers of a cake using our DIY tutorial. Add some creativity with cute ribbons and sweet toys of a matching color.

Another cool and unique idea is making cupcakes out of...baby clothes! I wish I could see the reaction of a mommy who gets such present! And it's such fun to unwrap them!

You can also arrange tiny cute socks in a shape of flowers and make a whole bouquet! It's beautiful and very cute. You can also make beautiful roses out of towels. You can make a bouquet and also may use them as little additions to the major gift.

You can make an emergency traveling case out of a large wet wipes dispenser – just use some imagination and check out our tutorial.

Watch the video till the end and learn how to make surprisingly cool scratch-postcards. And get ready for the party!


3:23 - Dogs made from a towel
4:05 - DIY pom pom bunnies
6:25 - How to make roses using a CD


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