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15-Minute Shrimp With Crispy Leftover Rice | Bon Appétit

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Not a lot of time to get dinner going? Sitting on leftover rice from a previous meal and wondering what to do with it? Kendra Vaculin has you covered with this 15-minute shrimp and crispy rice with citrus recipe. Once that old refrigerated rice is paired with rounds of juicy citrus, sliced avocado, and tender sautéed shrimp, there won’t be any more leftovers to worry about.

Get the full recipe here: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/shrimp-and-crispy-rice-with-citrus

0:00 “We’re doing fast, we’re not doing perfect.”
0:44 Gather ingredients
0:53 Mise en place
1:02 Make dressing
02:50 Prep citrus
3:06 Suprême orange
3:38 Cut grapefruit into wheels and half moons
4:24 Slice onions
4:28 Slice avocado
4:55 Prep shrimp
5:03 Remove shrimp tails
5:25 Pat shrimp dry
5:39 Season shrimp
6:15 Cook shrimp in extra-virgin olive oil
7:28 Crisp rice in same pan
9:28 Make salad
10:20 Plate
10:37 Enjoy!

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