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We all love pets! They are so adorable and always there when we need love or support. We love taking care of them and always want the best for our little cuties: the best food, the best toys. It's so easy to spend all your money on that! However, there are cheaper ways to do something nice for your pet without going broke. In this video, you can find the coolest tips for proud owners of dogs and cats!

If you want to take awesome pictures of your cat or dog (and we all know that they never look at the camera), you can make a very simple device! Take a jack (the thingie from the other side of your headphones that goes inside your phone) and stick to a colorful ball. Put this device into your phone. Attention of your pet is guaranteed.

Does your cat always lose his toy balls? No need to buy expensive toys anymore. You can make a cute ball out of a toilet paper roll and a wallnut. Do you want to learn how? Watch the video and find out. Believe me, your cat won't notice the difference.

Your cat would be crazy about little origami butterflies! To make these butterflies, you'll only need a piece of paper and a thread.

Forget about scratched corners and furniture in your home. You can make a cool DIY claw sharpener for you cat. All you need is a piece of wood, and old piece of carpet, and a piece of rotang rope. Ask your parents to help you with instruments and let your cat enjoy this comfy claw sharpener.

If you have a plenty of old clothes, no need to throw them away. You can always upcycle them into something useful. For example, turn a sock into a cat sweater, an old shirt can “donate” a collar to a dog, an old sweater can be a nice bed for a dog or a cat, and you can upgrade an old hoodie into a cat sling.

Watch this video till the end to learn how to make a house for a cat out of a box and a T-shirt and a food dispenser out of a couple of plastic bottles.


0:39 - DIY toys for cats
3:25 - A little collar for your pet
5:58 - DIY cat tent from a T-shirt and a box
7:11 - DIY cat feeder


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