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A kid's bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. For a child, it's more than just a room – it's a secret dungeon, a racing track, a fairy-tale castle, a rocket ship! It's necessary to create not only a comfortable environment but also a cool and beautiful playground for a little explorer. For this purpose, you can use amazing kid's bedroom decorations.

Check out our awesome ideas on how to decorate a kid's bedroom. The best thing about these ideas is that you can do all of them yourself!

Are you afraid of the dark? No more fear! Superheroes are here to rescue everyone! You can use any old toys to make this cool DIY night lamp. Use some spray paint of your favorite color to cover the composition aтd enjoy your handmade masterpiece. You can use superheroes and cars for a boy's room and dolls and ponies for a girl's room. Only your imagination is the limit.

There's another way of making a DIY lamp. For this one, you'll need a piece of wood and a few instruments – ask your parents to help you with that. Cut a shape that you like most – it can be a cloud or a Batman's sign, spray paint it and add a fixture. After that, you'll only need to add a light bulb and voila – a cool night lamp is ready.

The yarn is also amazing when it comes to interior design. Cut some shapes out of cardboard – it could be stars like it is seen in the video or anything you like, and wrap yarn around your shapes. You can even make a colorful garland out of this figures.

Everyone is used to hiding wires while making a renovation. I suggest you show your creativity using wires – you can make a picture using wires. Do you want to see the examples? You can find them in the video.

Can't decide which color to chose for a child's bedroom? Our useful tutorial is here to help you. Green improves attention span and eyesight, helps a kid to sleep better. Orange increases appetite stimulates the development of creative abilities. Yellow stimulates brain activity, improves the sharpness of vision. White helps to raise self-esteem and works fine for reserved kids. Pastel tones are also a good choice for a child's bedroom – they develop emotional balance and have a positive effect on a child's mind. But blue is not that innocent – it causes melancholy and depression and aggravates the nervous system. It's also better to avoid red color because it has a negative effect on a child's mind and may even cause headaches and nightmares. Grey is also one of the colors that are inappropriate for a child's bedroom – a child will be depressed and uncommunicative.

You can find these and many more useful tips and awesome DIY crafts in this video.


1:59 - Cool lamps for kid's bedroom
3:16 - Wire painting
6:15 - Ideas for a child's bedroom


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