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Last Minute Easter Decorating Ideas || Lovely Crafts To Keep Your Child Happy

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Making fun miniature crafts for +Polly Pocket.

Big dreams come in small packages. Polly will show you how to have fun with these incredible crafts and accessories inspired by 5-Minute Crafts. Let's start with a beautiful house for Polly Pocket made out of cardboard. For this one, you'll only need a few cardboard sheets, LED stripes for the backdrop, some cotton, and paints to give some color to the scenery:

1. You need to place the cardboard in an upside-down V-shape.

2. In the cardboard's inner wall, stick some LED stripes and then add pieces of cotton on top; this will create dreamy scenery.

3. Wet a sponge, dip it in your favorite paint colors (non-toxic), and tap it on the outer side of the cardboard to give it a colorful appearance for Polly Pocket.

Another fun craft is to make an actual flower pot with real plants for Polly. Take half an eggshell, and decorate it on the outside with non-toxic glitter and rhinestones. Then, add a piece of cotton inside, sprinkle a few lentils on top, and then add another cotton piece. Water it and watch it grow in Polly's garden.

Take a regular school pencil and roll an orange pipe cleaner around it, and once it's done, attach a small piece of green pipe cleaner on top of the orange one to make it resemble a carrot. Make several of these and weave them into the fairy lights to create beautiful light decorations for Polly Pocket's house.

Watch until the end to see all the brilliant DIY crafts and projects made for Polly Pocket's World.
Watch more videos with Polly Pocket at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8UjlImzgVo1o6ziWxAre3Q!


0:01 – DIY house for Polly Pocket
0:34 – DIY miniature plant pots with "real" plants
0:57 – DIY fairy lights décor
1:20 – DIY pet beds
1:56 – DIY piñata (Unicorn-shaped)
3:03 – A cute hammock chair from scratch
3:42 – DIY unicorn-inspired headband
4:49 – An awesome tiny umbrella
5:18 – Beautiful DIY beach towels
5:39 – Miniature bathroom toiletries
6:04 – DIY glittery flight pillows for Polly Pocket and her friends
6:42 – Mini ice-cream props
7:08 – Cute macaroons out of plasteline

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/
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