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5 Minute Crafts You NEED To Try! Quick & Easy 5 Minute Crafts to do When You're BORED!

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5-minute crafts you need to try!! Here are some quick craft ideas for you to do when you're bored! In this easy DIY crafts video I show you 5 minute crafts and boredom life hacks. These 5 minute crafts are unique, creative, easy and maybe a bit weird and make perfect DIY summer crafts. Perfect crafts to make when you are bored and most you can make with 4 things or less. I hope you enjoy this compilation of cute & easy, 5-minute crafts! These DIY craft life hacks will be fun for kids and teenagers - they can be made at home and are cheap!
You can check out my DIY Emoji 5 Minute Craft Ideas right here -
In this craft life hacks video I show you how to make a miniature Rootbeer float sugar scrub. Super fun and easy that can be used as a lip scrub, foot scrub or body scrub. Makes for a great gift idea or party favor idea! I hope you enjoy this 5 minute crafts DIY lip scrub and/or body scrub. If you love DIY lip balms then you will want to try this DIY!. This is a perfect summer craft idea. Do you want to see more Summer DIYs - summer room decor, summer crafts, summer phone cases, summer morning routine or just some phone summer projects? Let me know!
Another craft in this video is a liquid DIY keychain. I show you a DIY lip balm container life hack in this DIY 5 minute crafts video. Make a cute and adorable miniature keychain that looks like the duck is floating on water. This is a perfect craft you need to try. This also could serve as a great DIY school supply as you can you use the keychain for a locker key or house key. Do you want to see more DIY school supplies? Let me know what to make!
You can also make non edible chalk that looks like a donut. In this DIY 5 minute craft idea video I show you how to make super easy and cheap homemade chalk. This is a simple chalk recipe that is not edible even though it looks like a yummy donut. This could also serve as a DIY school supply if you need chalk at school. Would you like to see DIY edible school supplies? I would love to know :)
Some other 5 minute crafts I show you are DIY beach bag! I show you how to make a no sew beach bag. This bag is so fun to make and easy. If you want an awesome bag, this is a must-try DIY for you. You can even use when you go back to school as a book bag - a perfect DIY back to school craft!
Another super easy & quick 5 Minute Craft is DIY tumblr rings! Tumblr DIYs are so fun and way not make your own rings? Use Shrinky Dinks to make these adorable rings or use a recycled water bottle. If you go with the 2nd option it makes it a great recycle bottle craft. Either way you make them you will have fun and easy rings. This is a great DIY tumblr craft project.
I hope you enjoy this video and you can find some things to make that you don't need to spend a ton of money for! You can make some amazing and unique DIY 5 minute crafts. Please note that "5-minute crafts" only applies to hands-on time and not drying and/or setting times.
Let me know if you have feature video ideas you would like to see - maybe some things you would like to see - DIY slime No Glue, No Borax Slime Recipes, 1 Ingredient Slime -Testing NO Borax Recipes, Glue Gun Life Hacks, Miniature Makeup or any DIY Miniatures?
Help me translate this DIY School Supplies video:
5-Minute Crafts You NEED To Try! Quick & Easy 5 Minute Crafts to do When You're BORED!
¡Tarjetas manuales de 5 minutos que NECESITAS intentar! ¡Tarjetas manuales de 5 minutos rápidas y fáciles para hacer cuando estés ABURRIDA!
Поделки за 5 минут если стало скучно!Попробуйте! Быстро и легко!
5 Ofícios de 5 Minutos que PRECISAS de experimentar! 5 Ofícios de 5 Minutos Rápidos e Fáceis para Fazeres Quando Estiveres ABORRECIDO!
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