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5-Minute Crafts To Do When You're Bored! 10 {Easy} DIY Projects You NEED To Try! Life Hacks & DIYs!

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5-Minute Crafts To Do When You're Bored! 10 {Easy} DIY Projects You NEED To Try! Life Hacks & DIYs! 5-Minute Crafts To Do When You're BORED! In this easy DIY crafts video I show you 10 amazing 5 minute crafts and boredom life hacks. These 10 DIY projects you need to try are unique, creative, easy and maybe a bit weird 5 minute crafts. Perfect crafts to make when you are bored and most you can make with 4 things or less. I hope you enjoy this compilation of cute & easy, 5-minute crafts! These DIY craft life hacks will be fun for kids and teenagers - they can be made at home and are cheap!
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I show you how to make super easy and cheap Pusheen desk organizer that you can use as room decor. Organize your pens and pencils and use the tail to hold your cell phone. This is a perfect DIY phone holder. Amazing DIY Crafts for Room Decor! Cardboard Furniture DIY Room Decoration Ideas for Teenagers and Kids!
In this craft life hacks video I show you how to make a miniature bubblegum machine keychain perfect for DIY school supplies. This DIY miniature bubblegum is so affordable and easy to make. Another DIY school supply is a DIY Unicorn magical wand pencil. You can also learn how to make a notes that look like chips. I show you have to recycle a miniature chip bag and turn it into a place to keep your notes. This would make a perfect prank to pull on your friends and teachers. I hope you enjoy this mini keychain, chip notes and pencil in this 5 minute crafts DIY school supplies video and happy that I can show you how to make amazing DIY miniatures and unicorn DIYs.
Another DIY I will show is DIY lip balm! I show you how to make a miniature Starbucks lip balm inspired by the Unicorn Frap. I show you a DIY lip balm recipe in this DIY 5 minute crafts video. I show you how to make a lip balm with beeswax and coconut oil and then you can tint lip balm with a old lipstick. This lip balm is so fun to make and easy. Another way is to melt down a chapstick and an old lipstick - this version would be a great DIY lip balm with beeswax or coconut oil.
You can also make your own bubbles and wand - a perfect boredom buster for kids, teens and adults. In this DIY 5 minute craft idea video I show you how to make super easy and cheap DIY bubbles.The other super easy craft project in this video is a DIY bubble wand. The wand is a perfect pipe cleaner crafts. These 2 DIYs make fun DIY summer activities.
Some other 5 minute crafts I show you are DIY puffy paint! Make fun and easy puffy paint and create fun designs. You an also learn how to recycle a lotion bottle and make a cool pouch to hold - candy, lip gloss and more.
I also show you a DIY bubblegum slime. This slime craft makes for great stress refill as you can play with it for hours and take all your cares away. This DIY slime has No Borax - while its not DIY fluffy slime or DIY butter slime it is super fun to play with!
I hope you enjoy this video and you can find some things to make that you don't need to spend a ton of money for! You can make some amazing and unique DIY 5 minute crafts. Please note that "5-minute crafts" only applies to hands-on time and not drying and/or setting times.
Help me translate this DIY 5 Minute Crafts Video:
5-Minute Crafts To Do When You're Bored! 10 {Easy} DIY Projects You NEED To Try! Life Hacks & DIYs!
¡Artesanías de 5 minutos para hacer cuado estás aburrido! ¡10 {Fáciles} Proyectos para hacer tú mismo que NECESITAS intentar! ¡Tips de vida y proyectos para hacer tú mismo!
Мастер-классы за 5 минут,если вам стало скучно. Попробуйте! 10 простых мастер-классов и лайфхаков!
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