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It's really cool to recycle and upcycle some old and unnecessary stuff. First of all, it will cost you nothing, secondly, by recycling you make this world better and save our planet. Learn to make awesome and useful crafts from plastic bottles in no time.

If you are going to throw a party and have to blow a lot of balloons, there's an easy way to do it. Learn how to make a unique balloon-blowing device out of a plastic bottle. It's so easy to use!

If you ever had troubles opening plastic bottles, we prepared a cool opening life hack for you.
Another cool idea for a plastic bottle is making a sauce dispenser! Ask your parent to help you with fire.

Learn how to make nice and accurate cups for stationery and other small things (for this one, you'll need an iron, you have to ask your parents to help you). There's also a no-heat way to make a cup with a handle out of a plastic bottle. You can make a plastic spoon without buying any, just use a plastic bottle!

If you want to learn how to upcycle milk containers, you'll love our idea. We made an awesome and comfy lunch box! I love this DIY idea for kids! Try to repeat it and tell us in the comments if it worked out for you.

Turning trash into treasure is really awesome. If you also think so, try to make a phone holder out of a plastic bottle. You can't imagine how many cool things you can make out of old and seemingly useless bottles: a spade and a fork for your pot flowers, a gift box, a chocolate bottle, a soap bubble maker, even a chair, and a pair of shoes. Recycle and save!


1:39 - Cute plastic cups
2:53 - Gift box
3:27 - Chocolate bottle
8:00 - Emergency shoes

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