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3 Easy Bento Box Lunch Ideas – Keto, Vegan & Paleo!

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Load up on healthy lunch inspiration with these 3 easy bento box lunch ideas – including a keto lunch, a vegan lunch, and a paleo lunch! Featuring simple lunch recipes and snacks that are perfect for meal prep and packing to take on-the-go.

First up is a keto bento box lunch, with keto cream cheese pinwheels, keto cauliflower fritters, and a cheesy keto buffalo chicken dip recipe!

Then, some fun DIY vegan tacos for my vegan bento box lunch, consisting of an easy vegan chili stuffed into crunchy taco shells.

And last but not least, my paleo bento lunch box filled with watermelon sticks, clean keto meatballs made with almond flour, paleo pancake mix muffins, and more!

Thanks so much to Thrive Market for making these healthy bento box recipes possible!

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RECIPES from this video:
► PINWHEELS https://bit.ly/3fSAMAz
► KETO FRITTERS https://bit.ly/3vqzNy9
► BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP https://bit.ly/3i2biU6
► VEGAN CHILI TACOS https://bit.ly/3i0MGuX
► PALEO MEATBALLS https://bit.ly/2Thahgu
► PALEO MUFFINS https://bit.ly/2R25qiH

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