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4 Tips for Natural English Conversation Responses - Improve English Speaking

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In this lesson, you can learn how to use natural English conversation responses to improve your English speaking. Practice using the responses in the comments and we will give you feedback!
When you’re speaking a second language, you often need to concentrate on understanding what the other person is saying.
This means you might forget to respond naturally, but natural responses are important to keep your English conversation going, and also to show the other person that you care about what they’re saying.
This lesson will show you natural English conversation responses which you can use to express interest, surprise, agreement, confusion, and much more!
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This lesson will help you:
- Use helpful phrases to show interest, understanding or surprise in natural English conversation.
- Learn common natural English conversation responses to agree or disagree.
- See how to respond to suggestions in natural English conversation.
- Understand how to use natural English conversation responses to ask for repetition or clarification in your English speaking.
1. How to Show Interest and Surprise 0:59
2. How to Agree and Disagree 3:16
3. How to Respond to Suggestions 4:29
4. Asking Someone to Repeat or Clarify 6:17
5. Practice 7:40
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