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6 Cozy-Chic Autumn Winter Outfits Accessorized | Dominique Sachse

‘Tis the season for scarves, boots, and hats. I’m showing you six Fall/Winter wearable looks that are comfortably cozy chic!

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Wardrobe List:

Dress: https://bit.ly/3k2Qmuc
Boots: https://bit.ly/378iIjk
Hat: (similar) https://bit.ly/3iSY9JS
Belt: (similar) https://bit.ly/3iWbPnj
Jacket: https://bit.ly/377NFEk

Snow Beast:
Top: https://bit.ly/3156FPG
Jacket: https://bit.ly/2ST1xts
Hat: https://bit.ly/2H4ZS1o
Vici Plaid Scarf With Fringe (no longer sold)
Similar: https://bit.ly/317oLRs
Boots: https://bit.ly/33W6pEy

Jacket: https://bit.ly/3iVR9Mp
Jeans: https://bit.ly/3lR9gF7
White tank with drawing- not able to locate
Bag: https://bit.ly/2IoQvdy
Boots: https://bit.ly/3nZ4ojd

Date Night:
Jacket: (similar) https://go.zara/3nQbLsR
Leggings: https://bit.ly/319vMRx
Belt: https://bit.ly/2IwInI8
Necklace https://bit.ly/318WU33
Earrings - No longer available
Boots (couldn’t locate): https://bit.ly/3178n30
Purse: https://bit.ly/2H50DaK

Working Girl:
Dress: https://bit.ly/317t7bf
Coat: https://bit.ly/3dsmXqP
Boots: https://bit.ly/33YLq4b

Floral Babydoll Dress worn throughout the video and the end: (sold out)
Similar: https://bit.ly/3lG7nLc

My favorite resale sites:
The Real Real: https://bit.ly/350URzp
Tradesy: https://bit.ly/3k14uUQ
Yoogi's Closet: https://bit.ly/2SYmMKM
Lyst: https://bit.ly/355OQBz

This video is not sponsored, and all products shown are purchased by myself.

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