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6 Depression Signs No One Talks About

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When you picture someone with depression, how does it look like? Depression can look like the happiest person in your friend group. Depression can look like that one coworker who’s gotten excellent recognition three weeks in a row. Depression can look like your friendly neighbor next door. Depression doesn’t just have a face or form - it comes in many, which is what can make it so hard to detect in yourself or others. To raise awareness about depression, here are a few hidden signs no one talks about.

Disclaimer: This video is purely for informative purposes and is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. If you are struggling with your mental health, we highly recommend that you seek help from a qualified healthcare provider or mental health professional.

Article version of this video with sources: https://psych2go.net/signs-of-depression-no-one-talks-about/

Some people might even mistake depression for laziness. To raise awareness, we also made a video on the signs you're depressed, not lazy: https://youtu.be/q8HRGiUeZwc​​

Writer: Aditi N.
Script Editor: Isadora Ho
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Amanda Silvera
Animator: Nayeli Meneses
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong


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