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8 Surprising Traits of Highly Sensitive People

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"Highly sensitive person", or HSP for short, is a term coined by Dr. Aron for those who are thought to have an increased central nervous system sensitivity to process subtleties and details that most miss when it comes to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. these people are often more perceptive, empathetic, self-aware, and intuitive.

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Studies have estimated that 15-20 percent of the population is highly sensitive, however, many people do not fully understand what it means to be an HSP, let alone knowing if they are one of them. So, we've made this video to help you identify the traits highly sensitive people have!

If you relate to this video and think you may be an HSP, we've also made a video on the struggles HSPs can relate to. Here's the link: https://youtu.be/TPR1P_D8zjY

Writer: Charlotte Tong
Script Editor: Isadora Ho
Script Manager: Kelly Soong
VO: Lily Hu
Animator: Grottimob
YouTube Manager: Cindy Cheong

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