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Access 2010 Tutorial - A Comprehensive Guide to Access - Access Made Easy

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An easy to follow tutorial on understanding how Microsoft Access works and how to use it for creating a database. Learn Access in just a couple hours and enhance your resume: Concepts based. Easy to understand. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com.

The concepts learned here apply also to other versions.

Table of Contents/Markers for each section/topic covered in the video. Also use this working file as you follow along: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-9HUBAvpxnUDQtb2dDeDZJclk/view?usp=sharing You will need to use the download button at the top of the screen and then unzip the files first.
1:00 Database Components
7:48 Creating a Database with one table in Microsoft Access
18:40 Importing data from other systems to create tables in Microsoft Access
27:50 Linking tables in a database in Microsoft Access
40:40 Designing queries using one or more tables in Microsoft Access
48:40 Designing a query in using the design view in Microsoft Access
54:10 Sorting and applying filtering in a query in Microsoft Access
1:00:03 Advanced queries and creating a calculated field in Microsoft Access
1:10:10 Simple and compound forms in Microsoft Access
1:24:45 Designing and modifying reports in Access in Microsoft Access
1:32:40 Creating a Mail Merge and exporting data to Excel in Microsoft Access

This video covers:
- General concepts on databases and components of a database
- Creating a database from scratch with one table
- Importing data from other systems to populate tables
- Linking tables in Access
- Designing queries using the design view
- Sorting and filtering data
- Advanced queries
- Simple and compound forms
- Designing and modifying reports
- Creating a mailmerge from access
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