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HUGE Microsoft Access Tutorial - 3 HOURS! - Import Excel Into Access 2013/2016

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Microsoft Access Tutorial - 3 HOURS! - Import Excel Into Access 2013/2016


In this Microsoft Access 2013 Tutorial, you will find everything you need to get started with MS Access and take your skills to an expert level! The tutorial is THREE HOURS of HD video using Access 2013 and Excel 2013.

Begin with the basics of Microsoft Access by comparing the Excel and Access Screen layouts and learn why you need Access. Follow along as you see how Access tables compare to Excel sheets and how you manipulate, sort and filter table records. Create a new table a learn what you need to know about Access data types, then find out how to modify the structure of existing tables.

Learn MS Access reports and the most efficient way to make and modify them. Learn what the properties boxes are in Access and the best way to use them. See how queries make it possible to keep years of data in a table and just pull out what you need right now. Modify a report so that it calls a query that asks for dates. Learn how to do complex criteria in queries as well as formulas and calculations. See how Access allows you to use multiple tables in queries.

See examples of typical problems encountered when importing data from Excel to Access. Learn how to easily remove errors from your Excel file by using the Access ImportErrors table. Find out how to decide what your table structures should be and what to avoid. Learn the three best practices for creating tables in Access. See a preview of what the full course teaches you about forms and the amazing level of automation you can achieve with Access.

Get access to the full 10 Plus Hour HD Video Course at a HUGE discount at http://ImportExcelIntoAccess.com/accessexcel-courses/ or get in directly on Udemy at https://www.udemy.com/import-excel-into-access.

You get a comprehensive THREE HOUR Free course here covering all the basics of Access and how best to import Excel data into Access. These instructions are not from a book but from my 20+ years of experience as an Access database consultant. Many of the techniques you will learn are not in any book anywhere and are only available here! So, are you ready to go from knowing nothing about Access to being an Access expert? The best part is you can do all of this in as little as one day! Here is a complete list of the lectures included in this free course, along with links that will take you to that point in the video.


4:56 Comparing the Access and Excel screen layouts.
7:06 An Explanation of Why You Need Access.
12:06 Comparing Access tables to Excel Sheets.
19:43 How to Add, Edit and Delete Records in Access Tables.
27:12 How to Sort Table Records on Single or Multiple Fields.
30:29 How Table Filters Work in Access Compared with Excel Filters.
34:38 How to get Access to the Full 10 Hour HD Video Course Including Advanced Tutorials.
37:49 Create an Access Table, Add a Primary Key and the Rest of the Fields.
48:10 An Explanation of Numeric Data Field Types in Access.
50:22 How to Modify the Design of an Access Table: Add, Move and Delete Fields.
55:49 An Introduction to Access Reports and How they Save You Time.
1:01:44 Using the Report Wizard to Speed Up Access Report Creation.
1:07:56 Learn What Access Report Controls are and the Best Ways to Use Them.
1:12:44 Modify an Access Report Design and Learn many ways to Select Controls.
1:21:48 Introduction of the Access Properties Box and How it Works.
1:28:34 Examples of efficient ways to use the Access Properties Box in a Report.
1:41:33 Conclusion of Access Report Section and Why we Need Queries.
1:43:55 Overview of the Select Queries Database that comes with the Full Course.
1:47:12 Introduction to Access Select Queries and What They Can Do For You.
1:53:30 How to Sort Records Using Select Queries.
1:57:29 Using Criteria in Queries: And vs OR
2:01:45 Using Criteria in Queries: Wildcards
2:06:09 Using Formulas in Access Queries
2:09:12 Creating Calculations in Access Queries.
2:14:17 Adding Multiple Tables to Access Queries.
2:21:36 Using a Select Query as a Report Source
2:24:18 Setting Up Date Parameters in Query Criteria.
2:27:34 View of Additional Lectures in the Full Course.
2:28:33 Excel Import to Access Problems 1 - Heading Not Removed.
2:32:10 Excel Import to Access Problems 2 - Common Import Errors
2:40:55 A Clean Import from Excel - But Is It?
2:44:42 Why You Should Combine Data in Excel Before Importing to Access
2:49:19 Planning Your Access Database - Best Practices 1
2:53:08 Planning Your Access Database - Best Practices 2
2:57:30 Planning Your Access Database - Best Practices 3
2:59:46 Conclusion and Preview of Access Forms ections in the Full Course

Get the full 10 hour HD video course which is loaded with tips you won't find anywhere else at http://ImportExcelIntoAccess.com/accessexcel-courses/.
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