Advanced English Lesson - The Bucket List - Improve your English | Speak English with confidence

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Advanced English Lesson - The Bucket List - Improve your English | Speak English with confidence

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In this advanced English lesson, you will learn some interesting English stuff – that’s talking about the Bucket List. Know what a bucket list is, learn some interesting English conversation phrases, vocabulary to improve your English & Speak English with confidence

What really is a bucket list? The bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you die. Yes, and do you know where does it come from? It comes from English idiom slang or a slang idiom, which is to kick the bucket. What is it to kick the bucket? To kick the bucket means to die. If I say that he kicked the bucket, it means that he is dead. Have you heard of that English movie, it was released in 2008, starring Morgan Freeman and jack Nicholson, yes, the bucket list? In that movie do you remember there were such strange topics like, kissing the most beautiful woman in the world and also helping an absolute stranger, laughing, ha, ha, ha, ha till you cry? Have you heard of that? Yes, these crazy and adventurous things are what are called as a bucket list. Do you want to know what is on my bucket list? Then come and join me.

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