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Advanced Listening English Conversation - Listening English Lesson 3

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Advanced Listening English Conversation Lesson 3: Roommates.


A: Hi. My name is Jack.
B: Hey Jack. I'm Seth.
A: It's nice to meet you.
B: Looks like we're going to be roommates.
A: "Yeah."
B: So where are you from?
A: I'm from Tacoma. How about you?
B: I'm from Ontario.
A: In Canada?
B: No. It's in California. It's a smaller city in southern California.
A: So what made you come here?
B: I wanted to go to a different state.
A: I see. Hey, if you don't mind, I took this side of the room.
B: No problem. They look the same to me.
A: Are you a morning person or a night person.
B: I'm a night person.
A: That's great. So am I. I like to sleep in the morning.
B: That should work out well then.

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