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Advanced Listening English Conversation - Listening English Lesson 4

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Advanced Listening English Conversation Lesson 4: Dormitory.


A: Hi. I'm Sara.
B: My name is Jessica. It's nice to meet you.
A: Yes. It's nice to meet you as well.
B: Have you been here long?
A: I got here about an hour ago. Do you want me to show you around?
B: Yeah. That would be great. The most important is the bathroom right?
A: Definitely. But we have to share the bathroom with the whole floor. The break room is over there. The bathroom is right across from the break room, and finally, the RA (resident advisor) is in room 315.
B: I'm glad there is a TV in the break room. I like to watch TV.
A: Me too. So I brought one. I haven't unpacked it yet, but it's a little TV that works.
B: Cool. I brought a refrigerator. I like to store some snacks in there. Feel free to use it.
A: That would be perfect. I think we're going to have a great time.
B: Do you sleep pretty late, or are you a morning person.
A: I have never been either. I'm very flexible with sleeping times. Anyways, I'm a deep sleeper so a little noise never bothers me.
B: That's good to know. I'm usually a night person, but I'm very quiet if my roommate is sleeping.
A: As long as you don't blast the music while I'm sleeping, I should be fine. Did you eat lunch yet?
B: No. Is there a cafeteria in the building?
A: Yeah. I'll show you.

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