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AI and Machine Learning in Medicine with Jonathan Chen

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Medicine is ripe for applying AI, given the enormous volumes of real world data and ballooning healthcare costs. Professor Chen demystifies buzzwords, draws analogies to well-established tools and shares why mastering Go and operating self-driving cars differs from solving the unique medical challenges.

Jonathan H. Chen, assistant professor of medicine at the Stanford University Medical Center
As a physician data scientist, Professor Chen practices internal medicine for the concrete rewards of caring for real people and to inspire research focused on discovering and distributing clinical data knowledge. At Stanford, his group seeks to empower individuals with the collective experience of the many, combining human and artificial intelligence approaches that will deliver better care than either can do alone. Professor Chen is a founding partner of the startup Reaction Explorer, which draws on technology to teach complex problem-solving in organic chemistry.
This talk was recorded at Stanford Reunion Homecoming 2018.
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