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AUSTRALIA DAY CUPCAKES! Australian Flag Cupcake Tutorial by Cupcake Addiction

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Aussie Aussie Aussie -- Oi Oi Oi -- Just for my Aussie subs and viewers, this Australia Day cupcake that looks like the Australian Flag is easy and sure to be a hit at your Australia Day function (along with the beer of course)

For my non-Australian viewers, you will have to wait till Friday's cakepop for something alittle more relevant -- maybe you'll watch anyway! Could be easily adapted to a NZ flag, or a GB flag with just a few minor changes☺

Link to smooth fondant dome tutorial:
Link to buttercream frosting recipe and tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_xqvYCfrpU

A Cupcake -- iced in a smooth blue fondant dome (link to video above)
Red sour straps (from Coles or Woolies) you can also use red fondant or roll ups
Star sprinkles (if you can't find them you can use little silver balls, or cut little stars from white fondant)
Some melted white chocolate
A Toothpick
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