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Babymoon Suggestions That Avoid ZIKA 2018 Caribbean + East Coast | SarahFit Pregnancy

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Wanna get away while avoiding Zika? Here are your best vacation, babymoon, spots in the Caribbean and East Coast.
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I asked my Instagram followers where I should go on my babymoon. We want to bring our toddler, Tommy and so we want to stay in the same time zone or travel east because I don't want to wake up before 6 am on a "vacation." There are not many places to visit in the Caribbean that are Zika free but here are a few suggestions including Grand Cayman and Guadeloupe. As always though, check the CDC for the latest information! This video was shot in January of 2018 so this is the latest info available for people thinking about pregnancy or are currently pregnant like me!
It is recommended that pregnant women avoid areas with zika to protect their babies from potentially having microcephaly.
Other places we would consider visiting if we don't bring Tommy include, California, Arizona, Hawaii (too far though I think for us), maybe Italy or South of France.
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