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Back Massage for Visual Relaxation & ASMR

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Back Massage for Visual Relaxation & ASMR
This video is to help people relax and experience the effect of ASMR. This video is 2 parts:
1st is normal back massage, arms & legs
2nd i wanted to try something that i have absolutely no idea what it is but i loved it. Reference video with about 1000 views from me !
From my understand it's like a form of Kinesiology. She is kind of testing the body for some type of unconscious reaction. Almost like you rocking the boat and creating waves, as the waves move out you see it hitting resistance or mass.
I have had Kinesiology type of stuff only twice on me, its hard for me to understand how holding a arm and asking me questions can answer back but i trust the person that did it on me first time so must be something there.
Health benefits of massage might be: relaxation, sleep, stress relief, anxiety, lower back pain relief, better circulation & removing knots and blockage in the body to aid with the natural healing process & better blood circulation around the body.
Massage is one of the best ways to help the body reduce tension and relax, to much in our daily live to we focus on work that leave very little time for family, friends and more importantly ourselves. It is important to take some time out of your busy lifestyle to treat your body with some relaxing massage, or deep tissue massage.
Watching Massage can be both relaxing and beneficial to the viewer also, ASMR is sometimes triggered watching someone receive a massage.
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