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Berklee Indian Ensemble ft. Sharon Renold - Aakash

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The Berklee Indian Ensemble is delighted to present "Aakash" an original by Sharon Renold, a recent Berklee graduate, composer, vocalist and bassist from Switzerland.

“Aakash” meaning “sky” is a song of hope and resilience. Life occurs in cycles. Everything on our planet goes through experiences of destruction and rebirth, continuously. Just as nature adapts to cycles and phases, even calamities that befall it, we too learn from every disaster that wreaks havoc on our lives, allowing us to weather through the next storm more calmly than before.

“Aakash” reminds us: We will rise looking toward the sky! Just as dusk welcomes the dawn; and winter its spring, we will rise and rebuild.

“Aakash" (original composition) written and arranged by Sharon Renold.
Additional vocal arr: Annette Philip

Producer & Artistic Director, Berklee India Exchange: Annette Philip
Assistant Manager, Berklee India Exchange: Rohith Jayaraman
Assistant, Berklee India Exchange: Lydia Renold

Berklee Indian Ensemble
Vocal Solo & Bass: Sharon Renold, Aarau, Switzerland

Agney Mulay, New Delhi, India
Annette Philip, Kerala, India
Ganesh Balasubramanian, Singapore
Gayathri Karunakar Menon, Doha, Qatar
Gayathri Krishnan, Orange County, CA
Lydia Renold, Schönenwerd, Switzerland
Medha Nair, Irvine, CA
Paola Munda, Palermo, Italy
Rohith Jayaraman, San Jose, CA
Shradha Ganesh, Toronto, Canada
Snehal Pandey, Belmont, CA
Sriram Balasubramanian, Singapore
Swarathmika Swaminathan, Mumbai, India

Piano: Amir Darabi, Tehran, Iran
Keyboards: Fryderyk Hong Doang, Poland & Vietnam
Electric Guitar: Joseph Karakatsanis, Melbourne, Australia
Acoustic Guitar: Karan Pandav, Pune, India
Mandolin: Travis Forencich, Portland, OR
Tabla: Giridaran Subramaniam, Bangalore, India
Percussion: Thomas Antonio de Almeida Debelian, Oslo, Norway
Drums: Maxime Cholley, Chambéry, France

Violin I: Bengisu Gokce, Istanbul, Turkey
Violin II: Madeline Stewart, Oakland, CA
Viola: Anna Stromer, Boston, MA
Cello: Emanuel Keller, Jerusalem, Israel

Special Thanks to our amazing video contributors from around the world!

Purdue Taal - Purdue University's first South Asian a cappella ensemble
SETU - Stage Ensemble Theater Unit
Drita Protopapa
Yoel Genin
Shai Portugaly
Shilpa Ananth
Swara Swami
Aleif Hamdan
Giri Subramaniam
Maxime Cholley
Amir Darabi
Guy Bernfeld
Gayathri Krishnan
Ahikaa Arora
Stephen Webber
Colin Jenkins
Medha Nair
Asha Ramesh and Ramesh Jayaraman
Amira Gill
Yash Bhide

Recorded live at Berklee College of Music
Engineer: Andrés González-Cardona
Assistant Engineers: Julie Papili, Nicole Gemmiti, Celia Bolgatz
Mixing: Andrés González-Cardona
Mastering: Jonathan Wyner
Video Production: Kevin Greene & Regina Crisosto Jequier
Video Editing: Sharon Renold
Video Color Advisor: Lydia Renold
Camera Operators: Francis Peña, Angel Irizarry, Seven Moreno, Regina Crisosto Jequier, Kevin Greene
Additional video help: Isak Kotecki
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