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Berklee Indian Ensemble ft Shankar Mahadevan - Tandanu (Indian Ocean)

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The Berklee Indian Ensemble is delighted to present “Tandanu” featuring virtuoso Indian composer and vocalist, Shankar Mahadevan, recorded live in December 2016 during his artist residency with Berklee India Exchange (BIX).

Written by iconic Indian rock fusion band, Indian Ocean, Tandanu draws inspiration from the folk traditions of the Indian state Karnataka. Bassist-vocalist Rahul Ram was just three years old when he learned the original folk song from his aunt, who would sing it with her sisters during India’s freedom struggle in the early 1900s. Drawn to its melody and tongue-twisting lyrics, Indian Ocean was inspired to reinterpret the song with Shankar Mahadevan, first for a live performance in 2013, and then for their commemorative 25th anniversary album titled Tandanu. During Shankar Mahadevan’s residency with BIX, the Berklee Indian Ensemble performed this joyful song to a sold out and incredibly energized Berklee Performance Center.

Listen to Rahul Ram’s aunt and her two sisters perform the original folk song Tandanu here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxmbKASeYq0

See the Berklee Indian Ensemble and Indian Ocean perform Jhini here: https://youtu.be/CiMSk_2-QbA

About the Berklee Indian Ensemble:
Founded in 2011 by faculty member Annette Philip, the Berklee Indian Ensemble is one of largest and most diverse ensembles at Berklee. Apart from performing original compositions and arrangements, the Berklee Indian Ensemble tours internationally, presents a wide array of South Asian folk and classical and popular music, and has collaborated with various world-renowned artists, garnering over 230 million views for their viral videos.

Berklee Indian Ensemble:
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/berkleeindianensemble
Website: http://www.berklee.edu/BIX

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Written by Indian Ocean
BIX Featured Artist: Shankar Mahadevan

Artistic Director, BIX: Annette Philip
Senior Director, Global Engagement, Middle East & India: Clint Valladares
Assistant Manager, BIX: Rohith Jayaraman
Assistant, BIX: Lydia Renold

Sahaj Biyani, New Delhi, India
Srishti Biyani, New Delhi, India
Amira Gill, New Delhi, India
Vasundhara Gupta, Kolkata, India
Belyana Hristova, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Rohith Jayaraman, San Jose, CA
Blake Johnston, La Center, WA
Harshitha Krishnan, Lagos, Nigeria / Chennai, India
Katyayani Krishnan, Singapore / New Delhi, India
Agney Mulay, New Delhi, India
Sanjana Raja, Chennai, India
Purvaa Sampath, Bangalore, India
Avinash Shukla, Acton, MA
Rachel Singh, Bombay, India
Ishita Sinha, Patna, India
Swarathmika Swaminathan, Mumbai, India

Violin: Layth Sidiq, Amman, Jordan
Sax/Flute/EWI: Billy Yeung (Yuangyu), Shenzhen, China
Guitar: Aleif Hamdan, Jakarta, Indonesia
Guitar: Yoel Genin, Eilat, Israel
Guitar: Lior Tzemach, Ramat Gan, Israel
Piano/Voice: Annette Philip, Kerala, India
Keyboard: Shai Portugaly, Rishon LeZion, Israel
Keyboard: Yotam Ishay, Afula, Israel
Percussion: Kaushlesh Purohit, Jodhpur, India
Bass: Guy Bernfeld, Herzliya, Israel
Drums: Yogev Gabay, Be'er Sheva, Israel

Special Guests
Tabla/Percussion: Giri Subramanian, Bangalore, India
Keyboard: Sashank Navaladi, New Delhi, India
Keyboard: Ron Cha, Assam, India
Qanun: Firas Zreik, Kofor Yasif, Israel
Violin: Bengisu Gokce, Istanbul, Turkey
Viola: Anna Stromer, Boston, MA
Cello: Cristobal Cruz Garcia, Tijuana, México
Percussion: Takafumi Nikaido, Sapporo, Japan
Percussion: Daniel Feldman, Mexico City, Mexico

December 13, 2016
Berklee Performance Center

Recorded live at the Berklee Performance Center
Senior Director of Concert Operations: Cathy Horn
Production Manager: Ed Liberatore
Audio Engineer: Dev Ray
House Manager: Lindsay Yost
Stage Managers: Yash Mall, Ayumi Ueda
Monitor Engineers: Adam Loeffler
Stagehand: Jaidev Rishiyur
Spot Op: Lucas Edwards
Costumes: Suvarna Tiwari
Hospitality: Taj Boston
Manager, Shankar Mahadevan: Umesh Pradhan

Mixing Engineer: Nerya Zidon
Mastering Engineer: Jonathan Wyner

Video Producer: Reggie Lofton
Video Associate Producer: Ken Shifman, Jin Choi
Video Director: Oscar Brown III
Video Engineer: Jake Lefkowitz
Camera Operators: Emile Chevrin, Valeria Peñaranda Valda, Enjia Wei
Video Editor: Nicole Egidio
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