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INDIAN SNACKS TASTE TEST | Trying 10 Different INDIAN Food Items in Canada!

Join us for an Indian snacks taste test as we try different Indian food items at our home in Canada. One of the advantages of being in Brampton at the moment is having access to great Indian food at a grocery store just three blocks away from our house. We decided just for fun to grab 10 Indian snack food items, ranging from savoury and spicy to salty and sweet, to gobble up in our basement. I can honestly say we liked all of them aside from one. And you'll find out why we didn't like that snack! It is for a humorous reason.


1) Methi Atta Cookies - 7 different grain cookie including 65% wheat, 12.5% fenugreek, ragi (finger millet), jowar (sorghum), green mung bean, barley, and soybean

2) Joyful Magic Masala Lays Chips - Indian crips with masala flavour ingredients and spices

3) Spicy Para - Spicy wheat flour chips from India that tasted like samosas corners to us

4) Besan Barfi - Indian fudge made from chickpeas (a nice sweet and buttery taste and texture)

5) Shakkar Pare - Indian snack popular in Western India (Gujarat) often enjoyed in Diwali

6) Makhana Gorgon Nut with Peri Peri flavour (Tasted like spicy rice puffed cakes)

7) Sago Seviya Wafer (Colourful items that were not meant to be eaten raw)

8) Black bourbon creme sandwich (Indian style rectangle cookie similar to an Oreo)

9) Surati Coconut Cookies (sweet and buttery cookies with a subtle taste of coconut)

10) Soan Papdi Plaindre (popular Indian dessert that is cube-shaped and flaky with nuts)

BONUS: Pakori (gram flour snack to enjoy with yoghourt)

(We tried Masala Chai as our tea with ginger and cardamon)

Did you enjoy this video of foreigners trying Indian snacks for the first time? Have you had an opportunity to try Indian snacks? Do you have a favourite Indian snack food item? Let us know in the comments below.

INDIAN SNACKS TASTE TEST | Trying 10 Different INDIAN Food Items in Canada!

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