Brain Cancer: Warning Signs and How To Prevent It


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Does your head constantly hurt? Watch out here if these are the warning signs of brain tumor and scrutinize yourself to avert these life-threatening conditions.
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Ron Desi wants to explore the prevention of brain cancer in this video; he talks about a condition in which malignant tumors develop within the brain. According to him, if we diagnosed this condition at the earlier stage it may help to prevent the cancerous cells from spreading. Moreover, there are certain measures you can take, in order to prevent the appearance of such a serious condition
Do you know what prevention you can take to avoid brain cancer? If you know more related to this, then share your experience in the comment below.
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Note: This video is a part of a joint collaboration between Ron Desi and Consumer Health Digest.
Video Transcript:-
Hello Everyone,
My name is Ron Desi and today I'm going to talk about a condition which affects more and more people every year: brain cancer. The earlier this condition is diagnosed, the better the chances of survival are going to be. Moreover, there are certain measures you can take, in order to prevent the appearance of such a serious condition.
There are certain signs that pinpoint towards this diagnosis and it is for the best to be aware of them, so that you can seek out treatment as soon as possible. Among these signs, there are:
1 - Weakness in the limbs - Tumor in the part of the brain that controls the limbs (and their movement)
2 - Impaired vision - This often occurs when the tumor presses on the optic nerve
3 - Seizures - The tumor irritates the neurons; as their proper functioning is impaired, seizures appear
4 - Impaired balance - This is often seen in tumors of the cerebellum, with clumsiness being an associated sign
5 - Numbness - If you have lost the feeling in a part of the body, this might mean there is a tumor at the level of the brain stem.
On the other hand, there are a number of strategies you can turn to, in order to prevent the appearance of brain cancer. These include:
1 - Sleeping the recommended amount of hours per night (7-8) - The brain repairs itself during sleep
2 - Stress reduction techniques - Both yoga and meditation represent excellent choices to reduce the amount of stress in your life
3 - Hyperbaric oxygen therapy - Improved cognitive functioning, reduced risk of brain cancer
4 - Phytonutrients - Including more foods that are rich in phytonutrients (dark leafy greens) in your diet lowers the risk of such conditions
5 - Fewer calories - By consuming a reduced number of calories, you can actually prevent the mutation of healthy cells.
As you have seen, it is possible to recognize the signs of brain cancer early on and even to prevent the appearance of this life-threatening condition. For more information on brain health, follow
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