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Casual Party Conversation Phrases to Speak fluent & Confident English – Free English Lessons

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Planning to visit a party? It’s obvious to get nervous in such situation, especially if you have to start a conversation in English. In this English speaking lesson, you will learn some interesting Short English conversation phrases that you could use at a party. These English phrases are casual and would be a great help to keep the conversation going so that you are never short of words and phrases. Practice these English phrases and improve your English communication skills to speak English fluently and confidently. These free English lessons are developed by Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai for Spoken English courses, Personality development and IELTS coaching and Training. Visit our website to view all the courses we offer at our learning centre. - http://www.letstalkpodcast.com

Complete Lesson Transcript -

Casual Party Conversation Phrases from the video.

• Did you make this yourself?
• Do you cook often?
• What else do you like to cook?

All the above question phrases are used to praise and keep the conversation going on.

• What a beautiful home you have!
• Did you do it up yourself?
• Where did you get that/this?

These set of question phrases are again good to appreciate someone’s home décor. They would be useful to inquire about some accessories where you could buy. Truly useful phrases.

• What do you do?
• What are your interest/hobbies?
• How to you like to spend your time?
• Are you reading anything interesting these days?
• How did you two meet?
• How long have you both been together?

Another set of good English phrases to seek personal information from people whom you meet at the party.

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