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Cooking Verbs, Phrases & Vocabulary - Spoken English Lesson | Speak English fluently & Confidently

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Cooking Verbs, Phrases & Vocabulary - Spoken English Lesson | Speak English fluently & Confidently


Learn some verbs and vocabulary used for giving cooking instructions.There are so many people in this world who totally enjoy cooking but many times when we try to read or take or even give cooking instructions we don’t know the exact words that should be used or what it means.

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So in this spoken English lesson we will cover the verbs that frequently appear when reading the cooking instructions in recipes or the words that should be used when giving cooking instructions

1) Bake – To cook in an oven using heat. The term usually used to describe the cooking of cakes, casserole, and bread.

2) Barbecue – To cook food (usually meat ) on a grill using fire or hot coals.

3) Beat – To mix quickly and continually, commonly used with eggs.

4) Carve – To cut meat into slices, it is also called as Meat carving which is a process and skill of cutting portions of meat, such as roast and poultry, to obtain a maximum or satisfactory number of meat portions

5) Chop – it is the process to cut food items into small pieces generally used with vegetables.

6) Broil - Broil means to cook by direct heat, as on a gridiron over the heat or in an oven under the extremely high temperature.

7) Shallow fry - Shallow frying is an oil-based cooking technique. It is typically used to prepare portion-sized cuts of meat and fish, and patties such as fritters. Shallow frying can also be used to cook vegetables. Shallow-fried foods are often battered. It is a high-heat process, promoting browning and the food is partly submerged.

8) Deep Fry – This technique is opposite of shallow frying. Here the food is submerged in deep oil and for the matter of fact this technique is also called deep fat frying

9) Grate – Reduce food to small shreds by rubbing it on a grater.eg) grated cheese

10) Sauté /Stir fry – To quickly fry food by placing it in hot oil in a frying pan.

11) Knead – To press and stretch the dough with hands. The dough is used to make bread or pasta.

12) Scramble – to mix the white and yellow parts of eggs together while cooking them in a pan

13) Mince – Cut up food especially meat into very small pieces, typically in a machine. Eg) Minced chicken and minced beef.

So now with the help of these verbs continue to enjoy speaking English and of course cooking too.
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