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Cricket at the Zoo: Learn English (IND) with subtitles - Story for Children "BookBox.com"

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Arvi loves cricket but he has just met some new friends who seem to love cricket more than him! Check out this fun-filled Cricket World Cup story :)
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Cricket at the Zoo
By BookBox
Arvi hears a strange buzz
as he is walking through the zoo.
He looks up curiously
and sees a group of monkeys
listening to the radio!
Unable to hide his surprise,
he walks up to them and asks,
“Are you really listening to cricket?”
“Of course, you silly ape.
Don’t you know
all animals love cricket?”
chatter the monkeys.
Excitedly, Arvi throws his ball
high up into the air.
An elephant catches it.
“We will make a big score
and take many wickets.
Sri Lanka will win!”
trumpets the elephant.
A royal Bengal tiger
leaps across a fence
and snatches the ball
from the elephant.
He whacks the ball with his paw
and sends it flying
high up into the sky,
“No way, we will beat everyone
with our batting might.
India will win!”
growls the tiger.
The lions swiftly build a pyramid
and catch the ball.
“No one can match our teamwork.
England will win!”
roar the lions.
Just then a flock of kiwis
burrow underneath the lions’ paws
and the lion pyramid collapses.
“Don’t underestimate our strategy.
New Zealand will win!”
tweet the kiwis.
Then the mountain goats skip in,
“Let’s see who can handle
the spin and speed
of our bowlers.
We will take all the wickets
and the Cup.
Pakistan will win!”
bleat the goats.
“No the Cup is ours!
We will steal quick runs
and sprint away with the Cup.
South Africa will win!”
cheer the deer.
All the commotion
wakes up the kangaroos.
“For us, it’s a simple hop,
skip and jump to the Cup.
Australia will win, mates!”
chortle the kangaroos.
The animals all close in on Arvi,
“So which team are you supporting?
Who do you think will win, Arvi?”
demand the animals.
But before Arvi can make up his mind...
“Wake up Arvi, Wake up!
We have a surprise for you!”
Arvi yawns and wakes up
to find his parents smiling at him
and then he hears them say
the magical words,
“Arvi, we have tickets to see
the finals of the Cricket World Cup!”
So, which team do you think will win?

Illustrator: Kathiravan
Narration: Ashwin Kumar Aiyangar
Editor: Ananya Parthibhan
Musician: Jerry Silvester Vincent,
SFX, Mixing & Mastering: Rajesh Gilbert
Story & Animation: BookBox

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FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BookBoxInc/
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