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Describe Your Personality With One Powerful Word | Advanced English Vocabulary | Speak Fluently

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Describe Your Personality With One Powerful English Word | Advanced English Vocabulary To Speak English Fluently | Power Adjectives #englishwithnysha #speakenglishfluently #advancedenglishlesson

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s English speaking practice lesson. I am Nysha and you are watching me on your favorite channel to learn English, Let's Talk. Look around you, we are all surrounded by different types of people at home, at work, out on the street, even in a social space or gathering..and the one thing we all have in common is that we each have a different personality, making no two people wholly same. And while describing people, how many times have you found yourself using simple adjectives such as clever, talkative, careless, reserved or cheerful to name a few? There are so many personality adjectives out there, but what if today I taught you to replace these very adjectives I mentioned now, with better, advanced adjectives to mean the same thing? In your quest to learn English as a second language or simply to expand your vocabulary, today let’s learn advanced English vocabulary to describe someone's personality so that you can uplift your English vocabulary game. Are you ready?

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