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Speak English Like A Native Speaker! Advanced English Conversation Phrases To Speak English Fluently

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Speak English Like A Native Speaker! Best English Conversation Phrases to speak English Fluently & Confidently #speaklikeanative #englishconversation #speakfluently

Real world communicative English quite different from text book English. If your want to speak English fluently and confidently, as it’s spoken on the streets just like native English speakers, you need to practice some smart English phrases that you could use in your daily English conversations to speak like a native. You must be wondering, why can’t I understand native English speakers, why do they speak so fast, actually, they combine words ( also know as contractions). Possibly you are a beginner in English and would find it strange the way fluent English speakers join words, these sentences would have incorrect grammar at times. But that’s the English in the real world is spoken. In today’s English speaking practice lesson with Michelle you will learn 10 amazing smart English conversation phrases that would help you to improve your English fluency and sound smarter in English communication.

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