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Ditch The Elevator Pitch. Your ‘Ghetto Country Brandmother’ Has Spoken.

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Phyllis Williams-Strawder, affectionately known as the “Ghetto Country Brandmother,” is a visionary consultant with a mission to transform business branding practices. She shares her uncommon, yet caring approach, to brand building via books, social media, and the Brandma’s House Show.

Watch now to learn about branding in the restaurant industry, empowering your business, and how to own your crazy.

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[01:59] - Building a Personal Brand
[07:17] - Deciding to Close the Restaurant
[12:02] - Formation of Ghetto Country Brandmother
[21:53] - Solving the Personal Branding Problem
[28:38] - Leaning into Your Crazy
[31:44] - Two-Word Branding Kit

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Episode Links:
Ghetto Country Brandmother Online: https://www.brandmashouse.com/
Ghetto Country Brandmother Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gcbrandmother/
Ghetto Country Brandmother YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjMLCt3GzVUviaf340-deEw
Phyllis Williams-Strawder LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandma/
Phyllis Williams-Strawder Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CKTSVKX
Phyllis Williams-Strawder on Digital Hospitality podcast: https://content.calibbq.media/phyllis-williams-strawder-cko-creator-branding-dh103/

The Importance of Branding - As a former restaurant owner and current consultant, Phyllis Williams-Strawder has an intimate understanding of the gap that occurs in restaurant branding. The Brandmother is on a mission to correct that by helping her “Brandbabies” become Brand Leaders.

Elevator Pitches Aren’t the Answer - Phyllis Williams-Strawder places priority on branding and storytelling over pitching products. For her, an elevator pitch is not the catch-all fix that many entrepreneurs think that it is. Being able to have a conversation about your brand is more important.

Owning Your Crazy - Being yourself is essential to branding. Phyllis Williams-Strawder encourages those she coaches to “own their crazy”, which means to display extreme authenticity at all times.


Phyllis Williams-Strawder, better known as the Ghetto Country Brandmother (@gcbrandmother), is an author, brand strategist, and Podcast host. Her no-nonsense approach to helping companies build their brands. She is unapologetic, yet empathetic. Prior to consulting, Williams-Strawder spent time as a restaurant owner and educator. She and her husband Neil, a social media powerhouse (@RealBigmista) in his own right, work in tandem to bring authenticity to the space and encourage others to do the same.

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