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DIY Crafts: How To Make Lip Gloss Pens! Easy Mini Pen DIYs & Fun Emoji Craft - DIY School Supplies

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Learn how to make DIY lip gloss pens! I will show you how to make mini lip gloss pens from scratch and also from a recycled lip gloss container! I will even show you how to make a DIY Emoji lip balm pen! I hope you have fun with this easy, fun & creative #DIY video tutorial! You can prank your friends and teachers when you pull out your lip gloss to write with :) If you have any fun prnaks or hacks you would like to see let me know! This is a fun, creative and unique school supply video tutorial - if you have an weird DIY school supplies you would like to see let me know :)
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I hope you fun with these mini DIY pens that are made from lip gloss containers - Let me know if you have any other DIYs you would like to see in future videos! Hope you all have an amazing day!
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