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DIY Stress Book With 12 DIY Stress Relievers Inside

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In this video I show my new invention – DIY Stress-relieving Book. Inside this book I gathered 12 most effective stress toys and the most motivating quotes about relaxing. Unique, original and works great!
To make a book I used a ring binder. So all pages with stress-relieving things I placed on and in sheet protectors (punched pockets).
I start with classic – bubble wrap popping! :) Did you know, that 1 minute of bubble wrap popping relieves as much stress as a 33-minute massage? Yep! Proved!
The second page – is a Soap Bubbles Page. Blowing bubbles is not just fun – it's also great for relaxation! The pursed-lip breathing open airways in lungs and increase your oxygen saturation.
The next page of my DIY stress-relief book is a Slime Page. Here is a quick note – squeezing slime helps to release tension, pent-up emotions and to relieve stress!
The forth page is the “Just Breathe!” page with balloons. When you blow up a balloon you breathe deep and slow. Working diaphragm reduces heart rate and relaxes muscles.
The next page is 5-in-1 stress-reducer! I gathered rubber bands, fidget spinner, table lamp switcher, click pen and a zipper in one page. What for all those stuff? All those objects can send signals to the limbic region of the brain - “emotional” part - and when it gets stimulated, you feel calm and relaxed.
Fluffy cutie 's coming up next! I made fluffy pet (unknown species lol) with yarn. Because there is a proved fact that petting an animal increases oxytocin – stress-reducing hormone.
The eleventh stress reducer is a kinetic sand. Did you know that moving your hands through the sand can have the same effect as someone giving you a hug? Awesome, isn't it?
And the twelfth stress reducer is a Slinky that perfectly improves cognitive performance and reduces stress.
Hope you'll find my DIY Stress Book useful! Love you!
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