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Dogs: Happy tears? - BBC News Review

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Tears of joy… from a dog?

Researchers from Japan say dogs could cry happy tears when they see their owners. While dogs often cry to clear their eyes, it hadn't previously been linked to emotions. It's possible that tears might strengthen the relationship between the animals and humans.

Neil and Beth teach you the vocabulary used in the headlines about this story.

Key words and phrases

crying or about to cry
* The father of the bride was teary-eyed when he gave his speech.
* Teary-eyed parents said goodbye to their children on the first day of school.

well up
become emotional and likely to cry
* She welled up watching the sad movie.
* I always well up when I hear that song.

(tears) fall from (eyes)
* Everyone shed tears at the funeral.
* Sometime you feel better after shedding a few tears.

Video chapters:
0:00 - Introduction
0:21 - Story
1:09 - Headline 1: RTE: You're crying! Study shows dogs get teary-eyed when they reunite with owners
2:57 – Headline 2: CNN: Dogs' eyes well up with tears of joy when reunited with their owners
4:27 - Headline 3: Daily Mail: They call it puppy love! Dogs shed tears of joy when reunited with their owners… (as study shows rush of oxytocin causes their eyes to well up)
6:14 - Language summary

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