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English phrases to say 'Hi 2016' & 'Bye 2015 - English speaking Lesson to wish Happy New Year.

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Awesome English phrases to say 'Hi 2016' & 'Bye 2015 - English speaking Lesson to wish Happy New Year.

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Spoken English Lesson welcome the new year and a great way to start your year is by wishing others a great start. Lets bring a smile one everybody's faces and make the occasion extra special by wishing everyone with these awesome English speaking phrases.

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In case your new year resolution is to improve your English then you can start by raising a toast on the new year's eve

The way to propose a toast :-
1. Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right
2. Cheers for yesterday's achievements and tomorrows brighter future.

New year wishes are all about warmth and goodwill. The phrases that you can use to wish your family and friends are:-
1. You made my year exceptionally amazing, Wish u a very happy New year.
2. May your new year be filled with adoration,warmth and cheer.

Friends and Family tops the chart but do not forget to wish your office colleagues,peers and seniors. The phrases that you can use to wish them are:-
1. May all your endeavors meet huge success and appreciation,Happy New Year!
2. May the new year bring us more wonderful opportunities to work together.

Use these phrases this New year and surely these wishes will touch the hearts of your loved ones.
Happy New year to all my subscribers. Keep watching and learning :)

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