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Everything GOOD and BAD about WWDC 2021..

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0:00 - Intro
1:42 - iOS 15
4:10 - AirPods Update
4:52 - Privacy
5:48 - WatchOS 8
6:42 - macOS Monterey
7:42 - iPadOS 15
10:11 - Conclusion

I think the biggest problem with Apple events is that Expectations are the Thief of Joy. Yeah, that's actually a spin off from a phrase by Theodore Roosevelt, and it focuses on how our reaction to an event depends mainly on what we thought we were going to hear.
Yes, leakers up until this morning made this event all about new Macs and hardware, and I clarify timing because the entire narrative started to change earlier today. So no, we didn't get any new products, but in Apple's defense, a part of me wasn't expecting it. WWDC has historically been a software only event, today was very jam packed, and guys we're going through a chip shortage. It's really hard for any company to give us new hardware.
That said, my expectations were based not on new stuff, but really on what old products made today's event seem like. Apple gave us a lot of indications that today certain products were going to start to make sense, and well, they kinda sort of do, but not really. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's split this video into everything that was good and bad about WWDC 2021.

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