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How to Create a Double Dutchback | Heidi Klum Hairstyles

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Have you visited our website ? We have about 20 more hairstyles on there from before our YouTube days!
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My dad is so cute! You see, he is so proud of our family, our fans, and what this CGH YouTube channel has accomplished! He's always texting or emailing us photos of hairstyles he sees when he is running errands, or watching TV!
Several weeks ago he emailed me a photo of a hairstyle worn by Heidi Klum, from America's Got Talent. In the email, he hinted that we "should seriously film a video of it"!
Dad, this one is for you!
The hairstyle consists of two Dutch braids on only one side of the head, that wrap down and underneath the back of the head, where they braids are tied off with an hair elastic.
This cute hairstyle provides an "edgy" look that would be perfect for competitive dance or cheer teams. {I can foresee several dance groups wearing this one, for sure!}
This style can also be worn for several days, and looks adorable with straight, curly, or wavy hair! If you are careful with it, you can wear it for several days in a row, too!
Feel free to tag your own photos of this hairstyle with: #CGHDoubleDutchback
It is another way to get the "shaved" without committing to a razor and half bald head! We've shave another single-sides-up style on the channel, and it was a popular one. You can see it here:
Side Flat Twists:
Please leave a comment below letting me know what TV shows you love where they show great hair! I'd like to know!
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