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How to deal with a guilt trip and set a boundary

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Complete transcript:
How to deal with a guilt trip and set a boundary 

Mom: Your father is so upset with you.

Adult Child: Yeah I know he's giving me the silent treatment again.

Mom: (this is triangulation: sending someone a message through someone else)
You need to apologize. He's been going through the house in the worst mood. 

Adult Child: I'm an adult now, so I'm not gonna apologize or accept getting the silent treatment like I had to growing up. Dad's issue is that he can't communicate, and he uses you to get his message across. 

Mom: Honey like I said can't you just make my life easier and just say you're sorry? 

Adult Child: I can't if dad has an issue. (this is setting a boundary: "If dad has an issue, I'll talk to him directly." I'd be happy to talk with him directly.  This is between him and I, so I want the conversations to be between him and I. 

Mom: (this is pushback to a boundary/guilt-tripping).  Honey, please do it for me.

Adult Child: (this is holding a boundary. remain calm, don't over-explain or bargain) 
Dad can call me anytime needs to chat, and I appreciate you respecting that)
The Holistic Psychologist, Dr. Nicole Lepera
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