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How to Get a High Score in PTE Listening

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PTE Listening is a challenging section of the test, and did you know that a lot of points contribute from your listening test to your PTE reading and PTE writing scores? Pay attention.

In this video, Jay will briefly take you through each of the PTE Listening tasks showing you and explaining:

Summarize Spoken Text
Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
Fill in the Blanks
Highlight Correct Summary
Multiple Choice, Single Answer
Select Missing Word
Highlight Incorrect Words
Write from Dictation

He'll also talk to you about how it's impossible to READ and LISTEN at the same time, and how you can get around this issue. In fact, many of the PTE Listening tasks require you to process both written and spoken English simultaneously. How?

Next, he'll talk to you about how you can improve your listening skill through a simple single answer. It'll be easier than you think. Keep in mind that the PTE Listening tasks use authentic, real audio files not like other English tests.

Finally, he'll talk you through PTE Listening time management and tell you how much time you should spend on each task so you can make it to the end to maximise your scores.

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