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How to learn and remember English vocabulary

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This is my tried and tested vocabulary learning method that helped me to become fluent in my second language! Transform the way that you learn English! Get The English Plan here: https://shop.englishwithlucy.co.uk/ - You can get the 4 planner bundle for a 25% discount! This is a 2 week presale! This product is very limited - don't miss out. The English Plan will be shipped from early August, from me here in England to you across the world! We ship internationally, covering most countries!

I can't wait for you to try The English Plan! I spent so long planning and designing these planners :)
There are so many amazing features, including:
- Long-term & short-term goals pages
- Habit trackers for accountability and progress tracking
- Daily vocabulary acquisition diary
- Language boost pages with my best English tips
- A new idiom every single day - learn over 365 new idioms in 1 year
- Synonyms and antonyms pages
- Spelling practice tables
- Irregular verbs practice tables
- Grammar notes sections

Where will you be in 90 days from now? Where will you be in one year from now? You won't know until you start planning, tracking, and progressing! I'm SO excited for you and your progress!

Lucy x
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