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How to Make a Business Website (how to start a business while working full-time)

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Sometimes you may think that maybe you should quit your job to focus on your business, or maybe you should make another life-changing decision just because your primary job doesn't let you focus on something that you have in mind. But the problem is that before you start, you don't even know whether you will have a product market fit with your idea. I've seen a couple of friends quit their jobs with really good salaries and spend six months just working on an idea that they had. By the end of the six months they realized they had run out of savings, they were out of a job and the idea didn't work. I started several businesses, myself. Some of them failed. The first business that failed, we wanted to connect students with the alumni from different universities. We actually coded the platform without testing the demand. When we coded it, we realized nobody wanted it, but we had spent so much time and money on developing it. The best way to test your business idea is to create a website before you even create a product. Today, I'll show you step-by-step how you can do so using Wix.com.

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Time codes:
0:00 Should you quit your job to focus on your business?
1:43 My business idea
2:55 Step-by-step tutorial on how to create a website
3:54 How to come up with a title?
4:32 How to choose a photo
5:19 What problem are you solving?
7:35 How to add a product
7:59 What is a good price?
8:58 How to get your testimonials?
9:51 Deleting things we don't need
11:04 Do this before you start spreading the word about your product
11:11 Take a look at your competitors
12:12 The website is ready

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