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How To: Wash & Remove Excess Hair Oil From Scalp And Hair Correctly/ Hair Care Tips & Routine

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Hey Everyone, Its very important to know the correct way of removing Hair Oil so you're not over washing your hair 3-4 times and over drying and stripping the scalp and hair of the natural moisture. It shouldn't take more than 2 good washes to remove all the coconut oil from the scalp.. If you Correctly use this method to remove any heavy oiling routine you've just done, the first concentrated wash will loosen all the oil and the second wash will easily remove all the oil from the scalp. Please don't wash your hair more than twice and always follow up with using a conditioner even when you have oiled to because its very important to shut and seal the cuticles after its been opened while cleansing the hair
Hope this video helps you all and please use this method of hair oil removal so you don't over wash your gorgeous hair!
Happy hair days i love you all!
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How To: Wash & Remove Excess Hair Oil From Scalp And Hair Correctly/ Hair Care Tips & Routine
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