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Introducing the DietBet 10 - Lose weight, win money!

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DietBet 10 (aka "The Transformer") offers the same supportive, fun, motivating "social dieting" experience as the 4-week game.
The main difference is that the goal for each player is to lose 10% of their starting weight over 6 months.
Monthly targets are as follows:
6% (cumulative)
8% (cumulative)
9% (cumulative)
10% (cumulative)
10% (Maintain 10% cumulative.)

Players have the option to pay the entire bet upfront (and play one month for free as a result) or to pay their monthly bet as they go.

A portion of the pot is allocated to each of the first 5 months, to be split amongst the "winners" who have met or exceeded the target goal at the end of each month.

A larger portion of the pot is allocated to the end of month 6, to be split amongst the winners who meet or exceed the 10% goal.

Players are given the option to purchase Weigh In Tokens in order to submit weekly verified weigh-in photos to hold them accountable. Each week a "surprise" is awarded to one lucky player who weighed in that week. Examples include FitBits, Wireless scales, heart rate monitors, pedometers, etc.

The next game begins December 10 and lasts 6 months (ending June 9).
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