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Is red meat really bad for you? Watch News Review

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If you love sausages, bacon and other processed red meat, you might not have to cut it out from your diet after all. Researchers - led by Dalhousie University and McMaster University in Canada - reviewed the same evidence other scientists have looked at before and came to the conclusion that the risks for health are not as great as thought.
The story
Sausages and bacon are back on the menu after an international team of experts concluded there's little evidence that eating red and processed meat increases the risk of cancer. Public health bodies say the findings undermine sensible eating advice.
Key words and phrases
back on the menu
available again
• The restaurant stopped doing my favourite curry, but now it's back on the menu.
• Can you please put News Review back on the menu? I can't believe you stopped it!
raising eyebrows
causing surprise and disbelief
• The claim red meat isn't bad for you has been raising eyebrows.
• The idea of Rob giving up biscuits raised a few eyebrows.
go cold turkey
give up a bad habit immediately and completely
• It's painful, but sometimes it's best to go cold turkey.
• Neil went cold turkey when he gave up caffeine completely.
Language challenge
What's bangers and mash?
a) chicken and rice
b) sausage and potatoes
c) fried leftovers
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