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Learn German A1 | What's a Noun? - German Word Groups || Deutsch Für Euch Extra 2

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When I talk about a word group in general, I refer to its rules in German. Some may differ slightly from the English rules for hat specific word group; so should that be the case, remember these rules apply to German, not necessarily also to English in all their detail.

Just a (relatively) quick overview of the word groups in German. This may seem a bit unnecessary to some of you since most of these aren't all that different from their English counterparts (which is why it's "only" an extra) - the thing is, I often feel that, even though I do have a passive knowledge of word groups, I can never quite explain what they are when it comes to some of them. And since I want to discuss at least some of them in the future, it should be helpful to have a reference that helps you get the terms straight.

das (Ess)stäbchen, die (Ess)stäbchen (dinglich; literally "(little) eating stick") - chopstick, chopsticks What you need to do to be my intro:

Record yourself saying the following things:

"Hallo Leute! Ich bin ___ (You can say whatever you want here - name, (youtube) nickname, where you live, where you're from, why you're learning German, or anything else you'd like, one or more things. It's best if you do this part in German, too, but if you're too shy, English is fine as well - just try to keep the video to roughly 10 seconds or shorter) und ihr seht Deutsch Für Euch!"

Please don't edit your videos; if you'd like something changed (e.g. color correction), let me know in your email. I'll make sure to make you look as good as possible anyway, though ;)
I can use a lot of video formats, but your safest bets are the usual candidates: .avi, .mov, .mp4 - DON'T use .dv, please.

Once you're happy with your video, send it to me via ONE of these channels:
- attach the video to an email to [email protected]
- send me a DropBox link/invite me to a folder (also [email protected])
- send me a link to a the video on YouTube, also via mail
- please title your message "DFE Intro"

There's NO time limit for this, this will be an on-going thing as long as you send me videos.
I'm looking forward to your submissions - feel free to get creative with it! :)
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