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Learn Phrasal Verbs with ‘To Turn’ – Free English Grammar Lesson

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Learn Phrasal Verbs with ‘To Turn’ – Free English Grammar Lesson

Link to Quiz : http://www.learnex.in/learn-phrasal-verbs-with-to-turn

Phrasal verbs are usually two-word phrases consisting of verb + adverb or verb + preposition. In this lesson we are going to learn some phrasal verbs using the verb the (to turn).

To turn against –
To stop liking or supporting someone or something and start opposing them.
Example – A lot of supporters turned against him.

To turn around –
Meaning 1 - To turn abruptly and face the other way.
Example - When I am talking to you don’t have to turn around and walk away from me.

Meaning 2- To improve dramatically, going from bad to good.
Example – The new strategy turned around the company’s sales.

To turn one’s back –

Meaning 1 - To ignore or to abandon someone
Example - This is important, please don’t turn you back.

Meaning 2- It means to change your plans
Example – We have invested a lot of money and there’s no turning back now.

To turn down –

Meaning 1 - To refuse something
Example – I turned down his invite.

Meaning 2- Reduce or decrease the volume or the temperature
Example – Please turn down the radio.

Turn on –
Meaning 1 -To switch on
Example - What time do the lights turn on?

Meaning 2- It also means to excite or interest someone.
Example – This perfume is such a turn on.

Turn off –

Meaning 1 -To switch off something
Example – Please turn off the TV for me.

Meaning 2- It also means to dull someone’s interest in someone or something
Example – His jokes are such a turn off.
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